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What To Expect in Therapy

by | Autism, Play Therapy, Trauma and Attachment

I want to start off by saying welcome and I am so happy that you are here! Starting therapy can be a scary and intimidating process but it doesn’t have to be! Below you will find information about what I thought might help you to  know about the first phase of treatment, but as always please contact me if you have any additional questions or to schedule your first appointment!


So here we go!

Let’s dive right in and discuss what the process will look like. Before I meet your child, we will complete an extensive parents-only session where we focus on your child’s current challenges, developmental history, and what you can expect if you choose me for your child’s therapist.


At the next session, it’s typically the child and the therapist alone. This first therapy session is an important time for the therapist and the child to meet and begin to form a relationship together. After all who wants to spend time with someone they don’t have a relationship with, right? 


During this first session, depending on your child’s age, I will help to explain who I am and what therapy entails.  We also discuss confidentiality, it’s limits and what to expect going forward. Next we give each child a tour of our offices, and show them all the toys, art supplies and fun things they will have access to during sessions. Then it will be up to them to pick an activity!  I will call the caregiver in towards the end of the session to review and finalize the treatment plan. We will work together to set achievable goals to help your child reach their greatest potential.


Throughout the next several therapy sessions, the child  and I will begin to form a therapeutic relationship and a working rapport together. I will encourage open discussions and make sure that the child understands this is a no-judgment zone! I will use art, sand, sensory play, journaling, and other methods to engage your child in self-exploration.


I work very hard in the first sessions to ensure  that your child feels that this is a safe place for growth and learning and that we will never pressure or force any child to discuss things they are not comfortable with or ready for! We believe that healing does not always have to take place through words, and that there are many forms of self-expression.  Play is a child’s language and healing can be done through non-verbal play techniques.


After a few sessions alone with your child, we will set another caregiver session to discuss progress.  Caregiver sessions are scheduled as often as needed and provides an opportunity for the parents to discuss behaviors at home and school without interrupting the child’s sessions.  


Before beginning therapy it is important to discuss such things with your child or family and reassure them that therapy is a fun place meant for growth and learning. As well as making sure they understand that this is not a punishment but rather a safe place to express themselves freely! 


I hope that you feel more confident in your choice to begin your child or family in therapy with me and that your pre-therapy questions are answered. Again, if you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me today, I would love to schedule a free phone consultation.