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Through the use of providing education, community resources and parent/family therapy sessions, Andrea can help parents feel confident in their parenting again!

In parent or family sessions, our therapists provide engaging activities to increase attachment, and family bonding. Such activities are also designed to increase family time and decrease disruptive or defiant behaviors at home. Research has shown that children who are more bonded to their caregivers are less likely to act out at home, school or in the community.

Children who have been adopted, involved in the foster care system or have experienced trauma or high stress.


Andrea uses the services listed below to assist.

TF-CBT stands for Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is an evidence-based approach to treating trauma in children. It utilizes steps to help children express their traumas and find positive coping skills to process their traumatic events and move forward.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy uses eye-movement and mimics REM sleep to help clients dissolve the memories of trauma. EMDR can help assist with nightmares, constant remembering, fearfulness and provides relaxation and calming coping skills.


Theraplay is an attachment-based intervention utilizing interactional play to re-create experiences of secure attachment formation between parent and child. The interactive sequences are carefully structured by the therapist to make possible the pleasure of being together and shared enjoyment in the child´s mastery. These elements of shared positive emotions may be crucial in restructuring the parent-child relationship towards greater bonding and security.


Children with Autism, ADD or ADHD

Does your child have Autism, ADD or ADHD? Andrea is trained in evidenced-based therapeutic practices to assist with these diagnosis. Sensory play, calming exercises, emotional regulation games and discussions are just a few of the strategies that she uses to assist children manage their behaviors and big emotions. Parenting education and information is also provided. Andrea believes in a team approach to working with children and families. She will coordinate with the child’s school, doctors and other professionals involved with your child to ensure proper coordination of care. She believes in helping the entire child and all of their systems.




This is just a snapshot of my specialties and the clients I serve. I also see a variety of clients with other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, defiance, and more. For more information please call me today to set up an intake appointment.