What insurance do you take?
We currently accept a variety of insurances. We also offer a self-pay option and using a sliding fee scale to determine self-pay prices. Please contact us for more information.
How long will my child be in therapy?

This is a commonly asked question of parents bringing their children to treatment for the first time. The best answer we can give is that it depends! Sometimes children only need a few sessions or months to feel better/recover, and in other cases children may need therapy for longer depending on their behaviors or symptoms.

What do I need to know before bringing my child to therapy?
Therapy can be a new and frightening experience for a child. It is important to talk to your child about what therapy is and why they are coming to it. It is also important to express to your child that therapy is not a punishment in any way. Please visit our blog for first day therapy expectations for more information.
What if my child does not want to come to therapy or does not want to come back?

Building rapport with a child may take time. Many children may not enjoy the first session or two with a new therapist and often children will feel uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks which is completely normal! It is important to encourage your child to keep at it and keep coming to therapy as recommended so that the relationship can strengthen, and the child can begin to heal.

Will my child be forced to discuss a traumatic event?

Our goal is to help your child or family in whatever way works for you. Some children can heal and find positive coping skills without discussing their trauma and that is okay! We provide materials and open conversations that allow the child to feel safe and able to speak if they wish. If they do not wish or are not ready to, then we can work towards recovery without a disclosure! The important thing to remember is that every child is unique, and every coarse treatment will be tailored to fit your child and family’s needs.

What about confidentiality?
We must disclose any information that puts others at risk. We are ethically bound to report any information that directly relates to suicidal, homicidal thoughts or intentions as well as allegations of abuse or neglect. All confidentially and consent forms will be provided on the first visit and can be discussed further by phone. All records and personal health information meet HIPPA compliance standards.
What if my child has Autism and is nonverbal?
We recognize that Autism is a spectrum disorder, and we have experience working with children on all ends of the spectrum. Please call today to learn more about how sensory play can assist in children with Autism who are nonverbal.
What if I am unsure if my child has Autism, ADHD or ADD?
If you are concerned that your child has Autism or ADHD call for a phone consultation. We can recommend resources and help your child get evaluated.
My child is in school do you have flexible appointment times?
Yes! We understand busy schedules and try to accommodate all clients by offering morning or afternoon appointments to school age children on a first come first serve basis. We also offer weekend appointments. Please call for appointment times.

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